Why should you start your own business?

The inflatable rental business is an excellent opportunity for a home based business or even for opening your own rental store. Inflatable rentals are one of the fastest growing markets today. The initial investment is relatively low and it is very realistic to make it back within the first year.

The demand for inflatable games, whether for backyard birthday parties or event promotions, has risen dramatically in the past few years. Combine that with a huge trend toward interactive inflatable games that are fun for adults as well, and the stage is set for making a huge return on investment for party/rental stores.

The popularity continues to grow for inflatable games, and the driving force is that people are becoming aware that they are available for home use. If reasonably priced, rental stores have a huge potential with the home market.

Birthday parties are by far the biggest application
The main ages for birthday parties are 2 until 12, that's 10 years –the goal of any party rental operation should be to have an inflatable rented to at least three of those parties.

Another trend for inflatables is their use for fund-raising events or event promotions.

Public and private schools, as well as churches and other organizations, have one or more fund-raising events every year, and what they are telling us is that using inflatables has more than tripled their fund-raising efforts.
There is room for both kinds of rental operations in this business; it just depends on how the rental store is managed.

One area of inflatables that has really grown in recent years is the demand for interactive inflatable games. While not suited for backyard parties mostly because of price and size, there has been a huge trend toward their use at festivals, carnivals and at pre-game sporting events.