What is included in the design?
  • Embroidered and applique logos pvc coated
  • Appropriate 3-D features designed
  • Painted logo artwork
  • Iron-on and/or Vinyl lettering
Customize your Inflatable for your party or with your company’s name on it if you want it for business.
Add your personal touch to these beautiful designs and have your unique inflatable, or in other words have a “One of a kind “.
There are plenty of choices available so feel free to be creative and we will guide you through this amazing process.

The combination of technology and the talents of experienced designers, engineers, industrial sewers and artisans allow us to accurately replicate your customized designs on to our inflatables. Remember, Jump & climb builds them and you enjoy them, so letís work together throughout the design process!!!!!!

Any requests contact us at:    sales@jumpandclimb.com